Ten Foods to Prevent Cancer Diseases

10 Foods to Prevent Cancer Diseases

Malignancy is not an illness any longer. Yes, you read it right. As per an examination led by Cambridge University it has uncovered that tumor is only a vitamin insufficiency and can be cured totally. Yet, before clarifying it in detail I might want you to realize that there are tumor cells in each body, the truth is out disease cells exist in your body and my body also. It just increases and spreads everywhere throughout the body by lack of vitamin b17.

Malignancy was first recognized in officers of World War II where they needed to travel long separations and battle without enough nutritious nourishment. From that point forward the malady has been named serious. Be that as it may it is uncovered that tumor can be cured and avoided by eating the accompanying sustenances that are rich in Vitamin b17. Adhering to a good diet is frequently disregarded by us in our bustling timetable and eating undesirable nourishment at sporadic interims triggers heftiness and creates ulcers and other stomach issue. Here are a couple of tips for good dieting.


Cranberry natural product is a magnificent wellspring of vitamin b17. Drinking cranberry juice ordinary is a superb cell reinforcement for your body. It is additionally useful for diabetics.


Almonds are high in vitamin b17 and eating 15 grams of almonds absorbed overnight mineral water and having it in your breakfast is a fantastic sustenance for beginning your day.

Dark Mulberry

Dark mulberry is a fantastic organic product that is rich in vitamin b17. Eating dark mulberry regular meets the greater part of your vitamin necessities.


Strawberries are high in vitamin C and b17 customary admission of strawberries counteract diabetes and manages your circulatory strain and furthermore avoids malignancy.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are high in vitamin b17 and consistent utilization will manage circulatory strain and forestall growth.


Cashews are rich in vitamin b17 and are a superb protein hotspot for your body. Eating 10grams of cashew regular in your breakfast is extraordinary to begin your day.


Pistachios are additionally rich in vitamin b17 and are a great protein source. Eating 10 grams of it in your breakfast is extraordinary to begin your day.


Grain (Hordeum vulgare L.), an individual from the grass family, is a noteworthy oat grain developed in calm atmospheres internationally is an incredible wellspring of vitamin b17. Drinking grain water averts development of kidney stones, clears poisons from stomach and decreases cholesterol.


Wheatgrass is a superb adequacy for curing things like joint inflammation, diabetes, wound recuperating, bacterial diseases, regular colds, UTIs.


Amla or Indian gooseberry is a superb natural product that is rich in vitamin C, vitamin b17. Eating this gooseberry ordinary supplies all vitamins for your body.

At last Wash your vegetables in vinegar before cooking and pour some vinegar over your utensils in the wake of washing with cleansers as this will evacuate the poisonous chemicals that trigger malignancy in your body

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