All that you need to know about the USA Green Card Lottery.

Every year, about 55,000 resident cards are made by the US governmental program called the Green Card Lottery, these cards are available to persons from (underrepresented countries).

The Green Card Lottery Program of this year 2017 is called (Diversity visa lottery 2019) because 2019 will be the year of success of the 2017 applicants to the American green card (Diversity visa lottery).

The Green Card Lottery 2017 is now open to all individuals all around the world, but there are 2 basic requirements the applicant must fulfill.

Requirements the applicant must meet:

Application to the Green Card Lottery is available to all individuals worldwide, but the person must meet 2 basic requirements will be specified below:

  1. Being a native of a qualifying country:

In other words, you mustn’t be an American citizen or from a country of high immigration rate to the USA. The countries of high immigration rate are excluded in application to “the DV-2019”, additionally this a table which reveals the excluded countries:

Countries excluded from application to The Green Card Lottery 2017

Brazil Bangladesh Dominican Republic China (mainland only) Colombia
Canada El Salvador Haiti India Jamaica
Pakistan Nigeria South Korea Peru Philippines
Mexico United Kingdom
(except Northern Ireland)

Note: if you were born in the countries in the table above, you still have the chance to apply based on the nationality of your parents if they have the nationality of the qualifying countries.

  1. being eligible educationally or by work experience:

The applicant to The Green Card Lottery Program of this year 2017 should fulfill one of this two requirements:

First requirement: complete US high school or equivalent to it. High school education means you have completed 12 years of elementary education and secondary education in the USA or other countries education in these countries is a formal course of elementary and secondary education comparable to USA education of 12 years.

Second option: applicant must have at least 2 years of training or experience doing these jobs:

Note: these requirements aren’t submitted till you have been selected, at this moment, the consular officer will request a proof which reveals that you meet these requirements.

How to register for the green card lottery 2019?

Registration in DV lottery 2019 will be opened on 1 or 2 October 2017 and will last for one month. Perhaps registration isn’t available now, but when it will be available you the applicants will visit the official website of lottery:

Follow the instructions on the website, till you will get the confirmational number which is cardinal to get your result after 2 years of application.

Photo requirements for the green card lottery

Green Card Lottery applicants have to provide the application with a digital photograph of themselves and their co-applicant (children and spouse).

Instructions you must know regarding the registration photo of applicant or co-applicants:

the green card lottery
The green card lottery

    The applicant or co-applicants (spouse and children) must face the camera directly and both ears and eyes must be 100% visible, unless head coverings are worn for religious reasons in which case both eyes must be 100% visible. In addition, the person being photographed must not look up, down or to the side.

The height of the head in the photo must be between 50-69% of the complete photo height, see photo template above. The height of the eyes, measured from the bottom of the photo to the level of the eyes, must be between 56-69% of the total photos height.

Photos where the applicant is wearing sunglasses or other decorative items are not acceptable and ground for disqualification.

Photos where the applicant is wearing head coverings are only acceptable if worn for religious reasons, i.e. if you are wearing a hat for no religious reason your photo is unacceptable and your application will be disqualified of the same reason. In the case of head coverings for religious reasons, the applicants face must be completely visible, i.e. no part of the face must be hidden by the head covering.

Photos submitted by the applicant must be in 24 bits per pixel color, i.e. black and white photographs are not acceptable and ground for disqualification. The minimum acceptable dimensions are 600 x 600 as shown in the photo template above. It is always better to upload a larger photo and have the Image experts at USA Diversity Lottery adjust your photo to the exact specifications.

All photos submitted by the applicant must be in JPG or JPEG format. We allow you to upload GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG and BMP images and we will convert any photo that you upload to your account to the required JPG format to ensure your photos meet this requirement too.


How to get the result of the green card lottery?

Depending on the conformational number, you can get your results.

  1. Click on “check status”

  1. Click on “continue”

3. Enter the required information

Finally, click “submit” to get the result

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